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Friday, January 6, 2012

A Little Old Time Solidarity - First & Ten Edition

Jan 6th, 2012

We've been watching events unfold in the fight over "right-to-work" legislation here in Indiana all week. Despite the best efforts of Democrats in the Statehouse, it is barreling ahead. At this point, passage seems fairly certain. Therefore, it was a genuine pleasure to see this additional support for the opposition today (via HuffPo):

"The union representing NFL players spoke out Friday against a controversial right-to-work bill on the table in Indiana, arguing that the legislation is merely a "political ploy" that would drive down workers' wages if it became law.

"NFL players know what it means to fight for workers' rights, better pensions and health and safety in the workplace," the National Football League Players Association said in a statement. The right-to-work bill, the statement went on, is "not about jobs or rights, and it's the wrong priority for Indiana."

I look forward to Mitch Daniel's lackeys trying to spin the NFL as a bunch of anti-Capitalist radicals.

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