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Monday, April 23, 2012

Mitt Watch: The Replicant Nominee

April 23rd, 2012

I am not alone in the opinion that Mittens Romney is more than a little odd. Alex Pareene cuts to the chase:
"Mitt Romney is weird. When the Obama reelection campaign early in the cycle made the mistake of indicating that its strategy would be to imply that Mitt Romney is weird by repeatedly telling Politico that it planned on calling Mitt Romney weird, Romney’s camp countered by causing a brief and not particularly sincere media brouhaha over whether “weird” is code for “Mormon.” Plenty of Americans think Mormons are weird, yes, but in this case, the simple fact is Mitt Romney is weird, entirely apart from his religion."
Some are calling this bit of honest commentary from Pareene one step "over the line." Nonsense. He still understates the situation. We're dealing with a creature right out of Philip K. Dick. He might be Nexus 6, but he's not entirely "human."
"He seems incapable of natural conversation and frequently uncomfortable in his own skin. He’s simultaneously dorkily earnest and ingratiatingly insincere. He suggests a brilliantly designed politician android with an operating system still clearly in beta. He once tied a dog to the roof of his car and drove for hundreds of miles without stopping and some years later thought that was an endearing story. All video of him attempting to interact with normal humans is cringe-inducing, as a cursory YouTube search quickly demonstrates. (Martin Luther King Day, Jacksonville, Fla., 2008:  Mitt poses for a picture with some cheerful young parade attendees. As he squeezes in to the otherwise all-black group, he says, apropros of nothing, “Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof!”) He seems to have been told that “small talk” is mostly made up of cheerfully delivered non sequiturs."
Electing the first African American President was a great thing.

Sadly, I don't believe the nation is ready for its first Replicant Commander in Chief.

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