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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

GOP Convention Live Blog

Aug 29th, 2012

10:10 pm CST The motion to adjourn is made and it's a wrap. Back soon with a round up and my thoughts.

10:05 pm CST Ryan's attempt to portray himself as some sort of deep, devout man of scripture is, quite literally, nauseating. He says the truest measure of every society is how it cares for those in need. He's a Randian. He's been one his entire adult career.

It's like a two-decade, full-blown alcoholic preaching temperance.

9:59 pm CST This man could actually be the next Vice President. Think that over. Nearly $7 trillion in debt that America holds traces to policies he not only voted for, but policies which he championed. And he has the nerve to evoke the legacy of Jack Kemp.

The bottom line is that he can say "We need to stop spending money we don't have" as many times as he wants but his own plans calls fior defense spending will break our bank. Period.

He likes Led Zeppelin.


9:52 pm CST Ryan is demonstrating more hubris than I possibly could have imagined. Having nearly single-handedly torpedoed Simpson-Bowles, he just blamed the President for its failure.

The GOP lowered our credit rating and... blame Obama.

By every metric, the Romney/Ryan plan will raise middle class taxes but we need... tax fairness.

I've never seen anything like this.

9:45 pm CST Let's all take a moment to remember who this guy really is. In his own words, "Ayn Rand, more than anyone else, did a fantastic job of explaining the morality of capitalism."

9:43 pm CST Ryan is a child and dangerous one at that. The sheer spectacle of his glib distortions of the Obama stimulus when things like THIS, THIS and THIS are so easy to find is stunning.

Worse, all the red meat he can throw to the base about "repeal" of Obamacare is delusional. And... now he's lying about what it will do to the elderly. This, too, is easy to prove HERE, HERE and HERE.

9:35 pm CST Ryan is here. America needs a "turnaround" not the "runaround." Facepalm.

Team Obama is "out of ideas." The President is "throwing away money." This is the guy who would elevate defense to levels not seen since we were battling the hordes of Tojo and Hitler while slashing services and lowering taxes on the hyper-wealthy.

Three minutes in, and he's using his family as props. How very objectivist of him.

9:28 pm CST  By the way, Susana Martinez took $2,718,599,730 in stimulus money from this debt-making president with the weird name.

9:26 pm CST  Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico, arrives and receives scattered boos when she says anything is possible in America. Of course, she made the statement in Spanish.

She carries a gun! Hee haw! We built it! Whoop-whoop!

She tells a long, personal tale about her conversion from Democrat to republican with the cute kicker:
"I'll be damned. We're Republicans."

Marcotte's take

She seems to be typically confused about what bi-partisanship is. Also, the only thing Obama built was five trillion in debt. Nevermind the equivalent of 14 Hoover Dams from renewables.

9:15 pm CST Okay, she went wildly off message. She just pivoted from anyone from anywhere can do anything to your education is completely dependent on where you live. Because... school choice. Vouchers and Loch Ness monster creationism for everyone is now "the civil rights issue of the day."

She has managed to silence the crowd by supporting renewable energy but  brings them to their feet by spouting button sized slogans about our "exceptionalism."

9:08 pm CST Condi admits we have actually signed new trade agreements... but Obama gets no credit and China has, gasp, signed agreements with other countries. As if any other country could possibly equal our economic heft.

WOW---> She has the audacity to say that only now, under Obama, the world "sees a nation which cannot live within its means." As if they aren't acutely aware abroad of what she and her pals really did.

I really did not expect this level of class conscious vitriol. Condi is a scold, telling Americans suffering from inequity that they are being a petty people. Amazing

9:03 pm CST Condi wants us to know that "this young century has been a difficult one." Yup, lady. Thanks for making it so much harder.

Here comes Middle East spin. Unbelievable. She would have us believe no one in the region knows where America stands. Well, whatever she thinks, at least they know that no one like her has been selling sexed up fabrications ahead of insane invasions lately.

Now she is coding our not having sent more troops abroad to die as a failure to lead.

8:56 pm CST Condi Rice has arrived.

8:55 pm CST Huck brings up the "Evangelical" and says that Obama may claim to be religious but really wants us "to bow our knees to the God of government." Wow. He literally cast aspersions on the President's faith while keying into some serious "war on religion" bullshit.

Um, now he's name-dropping Bono. I can't make this stuff up.

8:47 pm CST Huckabee has been allowed out of the Murdoch building long enough to take a cheap shot at Wasserman-Schultz.

More "you didn't build it." Wow. Huck is actually calling Obama a 'radical, left-leaning tax-hiking blah, blah, blah." Nevermind the facts. Again

One more time, Huck. Using Mitt Romney's Olympic miracle, which cost taxpayers $1.3 BILLION dollars, is pretty foolish during "he built this" week.

Did I just hear Huck basically accuse POTUS of an attempt to collectivize property?!

8:40 pm CST Tim Pawlenty up. This is "Barack Obama's retirement party." There are so many mistakes to choose from that he can't pick one to focus on... apparently.

Pawlenty says Obama takes no responsibility and every ill we suffer is someone else's fault. Then he, of course, says everything is Obama's fault.

Really? Pawlenty says of Obama, "a lot of people fail on their first job." You know, considering Paul Ryan's entire adult life has been in government except for serving the occasional taco and driving a Weinermobile, this is just pissing me off.

8:30 pm CST In case you want to know more about who Gov Furtuño actually is:

"In 2009, years before Scott Walker, Fortuñolaid off over 30,000 public employees. He also gave massive tax cuts to the wealthy whileapproving 19 new taxes on the middle class.

As a result, Puerto Rico has suffered its worst economic slump since the Great Depression. Unemployment in the Island is at 13.7% and the labor participation rate is 39%. During his term, unemployment has reached 17%."

8:25 pm CST  Luis Furtuño, governor of Puerto Rico, laments the debt. Again, where's the big foreign policy push?

He says Romney/Ryan will "unleash" prosperity. Looking for a punchline.

It's becoming increasingly clear that the GOP is not merely running against an imaginary president, there are running in an imaginary America and an era that never was.

"I like to talk a lot about freedom." Great. What about policy? Specific policy. Just one fucking policy? ANY policy?

Sigh. Okay pivot to how many Puerto Ricans have worn the uniform of the U.S. A purple heart story.

Apparently, "we will never give up."

I know conventions are stilted affairs but this is painting in such broad strokes as to be without any meaning.

8:18 pm CST Ohio businessman Steve Owen is up. We get it... "we built" it. Whatever. Apparently, he has a beef over "patent status." THAT WILL really get the electorate going! Let's talk obscure international patent disputes! It seems they understand this in greater detail than aggregate demand. Allow me to register my lack of any surprise.

There's a war on coal, BTW. Also, emissions standards equal bad.

He's the third or fourth voice complaining about new "regulations" which largely are a figment of the GOP imagination.

8:13 pm CST Portman: China is a trade manipulator and Obama is "afraid" of them because we need them to buy our debt.

Apparently, Sen. Portman thinks we need more NAFTAs. Tell that to the millions of Americans whose jobs will never be brought home again because of NAFTA.

As Sullivan just noted, Portman's claim that Obama has signed no new trade deals is a lie. Obama has signed free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama.

8:08 pm CST Ohio's Sen Rob Portman comes out saying the Democrats "love to demonize Mitt Romney's success in the private sector." He says Mitt Romney made his money "the old fashioned way" without acknowledging his position as part of America's inheritance aristocracy. It also flies in the face of this afternoon's revelations regarding the near collapse of Bain and its subsequent taxpayer bailout.

Okay, Portman compares the downturn to WW2 and says that FDR and Truman won that war in four years." This is just an incredibly childish analogy. The proper analogy would be the depression itself which was, at long last, defeated with massive government spending and public sector expansion. The war helped. Sigh.

Where's the President's economic plan? Well, there's the Jobs Plan which Moody's says will jump-start as many as 2 million jobs but, hey, never mind that.

7:57 pm CST To my surprise, a night which was heralded as largely about foreign policy has had almost no mention of external complexities. Save for McCain's depressing war-mongering, what we've seen so far has been a rehash of all too familiar domestic policy bumper stickers.

7:54 pm CST  Wow. A small business woman is now blaming Obama for the lending collapse that immediately began after the 2008 bailout. It's really just pathetic to watch someone blaming this administration for cash flow problems pre-dating the current leadership when the Romney/Ryan ticket would all but gut what limited credit expansion guarantees and banking oversight we've managed to implement since the W collapse. As if New York banks gambling on international exchanges instead of expanding domestic investment was the fault of the utterly toothless Dodd-Frank.

7:49 pm CST Tad True "Vice President Pipeline Company" is now up to tell us that Obama simply "does... not... get... it." Which, of course, doesn't add up considering the explosion of domestic production on this administration's watch. Waiting for Keystone propaganda... and ... THERE IT IS. A Blatant lie that Keystone bitumen would be "American oil for American markets." No. It's Canadian oil for international markets. Period. And jobs in the low hundreds.


7:44 pm CST Thune insists that Team Romney's policies will show business that "it's safe to hire again." How that will work with their policies corresponding assault on aggregate demand is another mystery.

And... he's off. Pretty short. At least he mentioned their nominee substantially more forcefully than McCain.

7:40 pm CST  Um, Okay. Sen. John Thune is a "sports fan" but he has never gotten an invite to play ball from Potus. He knows Obama would be easy to defend because "you know, he's always going to lean to his left."


Thune is attempting to appeal with his family's immigrant story. Pretty entertaining from a border-fence nut.

Now he's pushing the falsehood that farm worker protections would keep our freckle faced children from "doing their chores."

7:35 pm CST Olens is now, apparently attacking the SCOTUS decision by way of claiming nobody could see it being interpreted as a tax... which is news to me since that was my assessment when I read the entire ACA more than two years ago.

Bondi says Obama has "total disregard" for our "individual liberty." Seriously.

Oh cute. Answer and call. Do want {insert blatant misrepresentation}? "NO!"

They keep saying that Obama is "ignoring" the Constitution in spite of the obvious constitutionality of the new health care law

7:30 pm CST The theme for the evening is apparently "We Can Change It". How this squares with implementing a high-octane retread of the failed W years is a mystery. Nattering about "living within our means" wedged between calls for broad new foreign intrigues and zero cuts to defense is, I suppose, to be expected. And... here come Florida and Georgia Attorneys General Pam Bondi and Sam Olens.

Solyndra! Fast and Furious! Obamacare is "Exhibit A" of big government!

7:25 pm CST It seems to me, and plenty of others, that openly taking on Obama on foreign policy and doubling down on positions such as ground intervention in Syria, both repudiated by a majority of the electorate, when the lead up to the convention has been 'debt, debt, debt," is simply delusional.

7:20 pm CST Bam! Mitt Romney, via cinematic hokum, has just announced that "it's good to be in Jerusalem. The capital of Israel."

The man is so beholden to the neo-con right that a prepared media presentation just sent the Middle Eastern crisis into higher gear.

7:15 pm CST Drums of war and chants of "USA, USA." Apparently, in McCain's world, "love can conquer hate" with bombs.

7:10 pm CST John McCain has argued what makes us "exceptional" and a "shining city on the hill" is massive foreign military intervention. No mention of immediate interests. No mention of motivations other than our purported ideals.

He's openly arguing that we should have given the Greens in Iran the assistance they publicly insisted they didn't want and that we should actively go in on the ground in Syria.

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