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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good Morning

Sept. 28th, 2010

A good morning to you indeed. We haven't had our cup of tea yet but we are hazily reviewing our yesterday.

We quit coffee. We're not pleased.
First, I let some of my brightest acquaintances know just how ticked I was by Stephen Colbert's appearance before congress last week. I wound up getting a pretty entertaining series of smack-downs and, although the thread was from another forum, I posted my roasting here.

We noted Germany's potential contribution to E.U. belt tightening. We made a dig at Ben Stein. We laughed at the tragedy of it all. Boehner used Colbert to come back and haunt us. Someone else made a dig at Ben Stein (a really tough one, I might add). We promoted (not really) Mona Charen. The National review stayed crazy. Hate was examined here and here. The really intelligent Pat Buchanan was incredibly stupid... again. We barely touched this whole Israel thing. Greenspan was a lot less surprising to us than some. We posted a chart! The real feminist movement chimed in on O'Donnell. And, finally, we let the day go with one of the great tunes by someone no one thinks of as a musician.

Imagine what today might bring!

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