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Monday, November 14, 2011

"Values Voter" Values In Wisconsin

Nov 14th, 2011

Screw fair play, to Hell with the law and look out democratic process in Wisconsin. Angry "conservatives" are gearing up to play very dirty tricks in the run up to the expected recall of Gov. Scott Walker.

Via Mother Jones:

"A group of self-identified conservatives say they plan to sabotage the effort to recall Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker, which begins on Tuesday, by burning and shredding recall petitions they've collected and misleading Wisconsinites about the recall process.

These plans, discussed in Facebook posts that were first reported by the blog PolitiScoop, entail posing as recall supporters and gathering signatures, only to later destroy the petitions. They also include telling Wisconsinites that they can only sign one recall petition (which is false—they can sign different petitions as long as they each correspond to a different organization) and directing signature collectors to the homes of registered sex offenders. (Requests for comment were sent to each of the Facebook posters who allowed messages from other users.)

In one post, Will R. Jenkins says, "I'll be able to destroy 15-20K signatures." If things go well, he adds, he might even "be able to destroy upwards of 15-20% of the entire collected ballots in the state of Wisconsin."

What is absent, thus far, is any condemnation from the state's Republican Party or its leaders. Apparently, the Tea Party chant that they want to "take back our country" refers to a very different country indeed.

Shameful. And dangerous. Suffice to say, were the parties reversed and a number of "self declared" liberals were opening boasting of similar plans, this would be the lead story on every major outlet for the remainder of the year.



  1. They get to brag about their criminal behavior openly, but they expect everyone else to shut up. I hate them.

  2. These are the brown shirts of fascism and our media has failed to expose them for what they are. Keep up the good work, Grey.