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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iowa Caucus Dirty Tricks?

Jan 4th, 2012

Karoli explores the possibility:

"Ah, Republican love for democracy at work. And let's not minimize the fact that the one and only Karl Rove is the one to share the news with viewers.

After six hours of Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum exchanging leads by the barest of margins, suddenly the vote counts dropped for Santorum and rose for Romney, so that Santorum's 20+ vote lead dropped to 4 votes. Rove earnestly explains that there was a transposition on entry of final totals, and when it was adjusted, it went to Mitt Romney's favor.

That left only the votes in Keokuk outstanding. Karl Rove explains that both candidates have agreed to what the final tally was for that precinct, leaving Mitt with the win by 14 votes.

How convenient. We can't have the GOP Anointed One usurped by an interloper, even if it is another GOP party acolyte. Even more convenient that Rove is the guy who has the story first. Had it, or wrote it? Which?"

We can't embed the clip from her post HERE, but after watching it, Karoli's questions are more than reasonable.

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