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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where Some Fear To Tread...

Feb 23rd, 2012

Dave Weigel spent some of his time covering the Mesa, AZ GOP "debate" asking Santorum supporters about their motivations...

"Three months ago, Public Policy Polling asked Republican primary voters whom they liked. Three percent of them chose Rick Santorum. This week, PPP asked again. Thirty-three percent of Republicans planned on voting for Santorum, putting him one hot breath away from Mitt Romney.

Who are these people, and why did they switch to Rick? I interviewed voters outside a Santorum speech in Tucson to find out."

Our favorite? Meet Ann Doherty, "teacher."

"I started supporting him when he became more electable, honestly, because that’s what conservatives are looking for. They’re not necessarily looking for the right candidate. They’re looking for someone who can beat Obama. If that turned out to be a 7-year-old with an aneurysm, it would be enough."

As Bruce Bartlett snarked earlier, "Remember, their votes count the same as yours."

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  1. Amerca? She's a teacher? God help us all.