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Friday, January 14, 2011

HCR Repeal? Not so fast...

Jan 14th, 2011

There are some interesting opinions in a new Marist poll. See what happens when Frank Luntz isn't crafting the questions? 

Greg Sargent reports in WaPo:
"Earlier this month, some on the right got very excited by a Gallup poll finding that a plurality, 46 percent, want the health law repealed, versus only 40 percent who want to keep it in place. That poll, however, only presented two options: Repeal, or let the law stand as is.

Today brings a new Marist poll that takes a more fine grained look at public attitudes towards repeal, and its results are quite different. No one should be under any illusions: The health law is unpopular. But the picture is complicated. Marist:
Which one of the following comes closest to your opinion about what Congress should do with the 2010 health care law:
Let it stand: 14
Change it so it does more: 35
Change it so it does less: 13
Repeal it completely: 30"

I would like to repeat my humble request that the Republicans use their vast intellectual resources to actually propose an alternative before symbolically passing a two paragraph note which won't see the Senate, much less survive a veto.

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  1. This is something where we can really lay blame at the feet of the Obama Administration and the democrats. The needed to sell the program. It wasn't perfect - bills like this seldom are. But the "spin" machine in the republican party is very effective. The dems need to counter in kind. It may sound contrived but the population is angry and ill-informed. Those with the best spin win the argument.