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Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Spelling Matters

Jan 24th, 2011

One of the minor pleasures I receive is my daily Yahoo Horoscope. I put little stock in such things but do find them amusing and at times even coincidentally pertinent. Some days, however, they present a more curious sort of entertainment value. 

From this afternoon's edition:

"Turn inward today. Meditation is perfect, but even just a loon walk on your own may be enough to jog your thinking back to where it needs to be. Get in touch with whatever matters most to you."

A "loon walk?" What the hell is a "loon walk?" Am I missing out? Are they trying to tell me something? Hmm.

Mirriam-Webster defines "loon":

1. : lout, idler

2. : boy (chiefly Scottish)

3  : crazy person, simpleton

And this, good readers, is why spelling is so important.


  1. Just as important as spelling is for the writer is knowledge of typoos by the reader.

  2. Grey, maybe they meant , "moon walk". This evokes Michael Jackson, without peer in my opinion, but also could lead us to luna thus lunacy. That, of course, leads to my staying the hell out of Wyoming.