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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Right Hates Obama For Doing What They Want Him To Do

March 22nd, 2011

A CNN poll of American opinion on the Libyan conflict seems to have inadvertently shone a light upon the sheer madness of right wing emotionalism:

Overall, 70% of Americans support the "No-Fly Zone" strategy currently underway. (GRAPHIC BELOW)

Taking a closer look at public opinion on "Obama's handling" of the situation, the views of self identified "conservatives" get just plain preposterous (HT to Dave Weigel):

50% of all voters approve of "Obama's handling"
41% of voters do not approve of "Obama's handling"

63% of Republicans say they disapprove of "Obama's handling" 
76% of Tea Party "supporters" disapprove of "Obama's handling" 

73% of Tea Partiers approve of the "No-Fly Zone"
78% of Republicans approve of the "No-Fly Zone"

Pssst... The "No-Fly Zone" IS "Obama's handling" of the Libyan situation. 

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