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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


July 26th, 2011

If you think the wave of new voter restrictions is NOT an attempt to disenfranchise likely liberal voters, than you are not paying attention. HT to AlterNet for this one. A young man of voting age attempts to get a Wisconsin state ID for the purpose of participating in elections. He is first denied because of "inactivity" in his bank account. He is then told that he has to pay $28 for the ID. Bear in mind that the model legislation for all these new state initiatives, crafted right here in my state of Indiana, only passed muster with SCOTUS because there is no charge for the ID itself (peripheral supporting documents required for issuance have costs attached but that is another matter). The young man and and his mother, who accompanied him, are to commended for capturing their experience on video.

"The mother-son hidden camera team manages to satisfy the bank account busting first clerk and eventually makes it to the third clerk where they discover that unless you explicitly specify that you have come to the DMV for a Voter ID, you will be charged $28. The clerk admits that there is no difference between the Voter ID and the non-Voter ID -- they're literally the same physical object -- but that it's the policy of the establishment to leave the honus for making this distinction on the customer: no signs, no warnings, just a box on the form you have to hope you notice and check.

The mother asks for the clerk's superior who is somewhat helpful. She then asks for the superior's superior which we can assume the mother gave hell to when the camera was off.

Watch in awe/disgust below and then read about the closure of DMVs in highly Democratic districts."

First of all, this an obvious violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It's a poll-tax. Plain and simple. Second of all, there is still no evidence of any major voter fraud in the U.S. whatsoever. 

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