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Friday, July 29, 2011

The WSJ Pulls A Fast One

July 29th, 2011

That the Wall Street Journal has for years been just to the right of any other "respectable" newspaper in America has long been known. There has never been a Cato or Heritage pronouncement, no matter how absurd or ultimately proved wrong by the uncooperative nature of reality, which was not at first promoted in their editorial pages as very nearly the latest burning bush. As we head toward what looks like the GOP sabotage of America's good credit, former WSJ writer and recovering radical David Frum noted that they published an all time whopper yesterday.

"The strict demands of the paper’s ideology do not always lie smoothly over the rocky outcroppings of reality. It can take considerable skill to match the two together.

In that regard, this morning’s lead editorial about the debt-ceiling crisis is a true masterpiece.

If you were to write a story about government debt, you’d probably be inclined to write about the two sets of government decisions that produce deficits or surpluses: decisions about expenditure and decisions about revenue. You’d want to do that not only as a matter of fairness, but also as a matter of math.

And that’s why, my friend, you would wash out as a WSJ editorialist. They wrote this editorial without any reference to revenues whatsoever. Boom! Gone! Don’t deny reality. Defy reality."

Click HERE to read further as Frum lays out the shockingly dishonest steps the WSJ employed to lay blame for the debt where it doesn't belong.

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