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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


March 1st, 2011

It looks like some of Wisconsin 14, those state senators who have served their constituents best by not appearing for duty, are getting ready to blink. Chris Bowers of DailyKos writes:

"We may be approaching the end of the inter-state standoff. As such, it's time to start talking about the actual endgame in this fight: recall elections. No matter what happens—whether the "budget repair bill" passes as is, or whether the protests succeed in altering it to protect collective bargaining rights—it would be shocking if there are no recall attempts. In fact, given the political energy that has been tapped, it would be shocking if there were only recall attempts against senators of one party."

Frankly, I think they should welcome a recall and stick to their guns. There are likely to wild recall efforts against members of both parties. But, as of now, the only sure electoral firing is the Governor, as was reported yesterday.

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