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Saturday, March 12, 2011


March 12th, 2011

UPDATE 3/14/11 7:10am CST Please CLICK HERE to find information to donate to Japanese relief efforts.

UPDATE: March 13th, 2011 5:45pm CST Please read THIS ARTICLE as a companion to the following piece. We received confirmation from ARS that the widely distributed map below is inauthentic. In their words, "a hoax." Stratfor stands by their reporting. NISA has refused to revise their assessment.

UPDATE: March 12th, 8:50pm CST We spoke to Linda Gunter of Beyond Nuclear regarding the removal from their site of the graphic below. Citing continuing contradictory reports and ongoing uncertainty as to what has been released and at what levels, they are taking a cautious approach. "It would be wise to monitor radiation levels on the West Coast," she said.

It has been confirmed that the Fukushima Incident is indeed a meltdown. Just in from Stratfor:
"Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) said March 12 that the explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi No. 1 nuclear plant could only have been caused by a meltdown of the reactor core, Japanese daily Nikkei reported. This statement seemed somewhat at odds with Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano’s comments earlier March 12, in which he said “the walls of the building containing the reactor were destroyed, meaning that the metal container encasing the reactor did not explode.”

NISA’s statement is significant because it is the government agency that reports to the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy within the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. NISA works in conjunction with the Atomic Energy Commission. Its role is to provide oversight to the industry and is responsible for signing off construction of new plants, among other things. It has been criticized for approving nuclear plants on geological fault lines and for an alleged conflict of interest in regulating the nuclear sector. It was NISA that issued the order for the opening of the valve to release pressure — and thus allegedly some radiation — from the Fukushima power plant."

A map showing the projected fallout has BEEN PULLED from this site where it was posted a only a short time ago. We were smart to take a screen cap of the image. 


  1. Holy Crow. I am in Newport WA; does anyone know what this will mean for us up here? Thanx. Phyllis


  3. @Phyllis - There are a great many unanswered questions. We really don't know the facts on containment breach or release yet. The Japanese government's official statement's are eerily reminiscent of the minimization that accompanied the Gulf spill. We are still trying to get confirmations on some information from our sources at Beyond Nuclear. Here is a valuable resource for everyone.

  4. Thanx Grey. Who or what is Stratfor? I see it has been confirmed there is Meltdown. Does that mean radiation fallout will be forthcoming?

    Phyllis in Newport WA USA.

  5. You're welcome Phyllis.

    It is too early to say whether or not this will be a global event. We just don't know yet. Reactor 3 at Daiichi experienced a hydrogen explosion similar to the first blast about an hour ago. Officials say that the outer containment structure is still intact and THAT is the main issue to listen for in the news. In the event of a catastrophic containment failure which many experts still assert is wildly unlikely, resident of the Western U.S. would have at least a week before radiation started to rise above normal background levels.

    Stratfor is a not for profit and non-governmentally aligned group of most retired intelligence and military analysts who cover the world's security issues. A very good source.

    Take care and be prepared but you don't need to lose sleep tonight anyway. I will continue to post everything pertinent I can find.

  6. I called my druggist a couple hours ago asking f i might pick up some of those non-script iodine pills today.
    answer: we don't have them and you must have a diagnosis and a script. then they will send you down to the red cross.
    I'm a little slow so i called the Red Cross a after thinking about it for an hour or so. they have a sales department for survival packs. Asking what was in a back-pack for 2 $45. for three day supply.
    Where is the iodine pills and the straw for drinking bad water and the other water filter and the personal radiation detector that was shown this morning on MSN????
    the woman replied there is water in the pack.
    i said i'm not talking bout water. i am talking IODINE PILLS; A STRAW THAT IS A FILTER FOR DIRTY WATER AND THE REST,ETC.

  7. on another site I saw a map showing all the nuclear reactors in Japan. EVERY ONE of them appears to be on the coast! How can a nation that is on the Pacific Ring of Fire be so unwise as to build all its reactors on the coast?

  8. @onejohn - I just heard in the last half hour that the Fukushima complex was located there precisely fro the access to last resort seawater for cooling purposes. The Specific fault structure that they were so close to was only identified within the last year.

  9. oic, thanks F. Grey. Well that does make some sense - as long as they can build a back up generator system that will work long enough underwater to pump the seawater in for as long as it takes - which it seems they didn't do?