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Friday, March 11, 2011

Scott Walker's Reality

March 11th, 2011

There was a signing ceremony today for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's dishonestly passed and union-busting bill. He is not only smugly proud of playing his part in the ongoing assault on America's future, he's seemingly delusional.

From Bloomberg:

"We heard from the public they wanted it passed and moved forward and get refocused on creating jobs,” Walker said today on CNBC."

A majority of Wisconsin citizens did not want this. A majority of American citizens were opposed as well. Just what "public" is he referring to? The "public" that lines his uneducated pockets with donations? The out-of-state "public" that gets bussed in by the Koch Machine? The wealthy "public?"

This only confirms the growing perception that these new radical corporatists genuinely don't believe that the electorate which opposes them is actually part of the equation. They aren't his "public."

Again, we urge all Wisconsin citizens to PLEDGE TO SUPPORT Gov. Walker's recall.

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