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Friday, May 6, 2011

Ahem, A Note To Deathers

May 6th, 2011

The incredibly paranoid and would-be-funny-if-it-wasn't-true "deather" movement took a hit today. From Al Jazeera:

"Al-Qaeda has confirmed the death of its leader, Osama bin Laden, and said in an online posting that it would continue to launch attacks on the West.

The group said it would not deviate from the path of armed struggle and that bin Laden's blood " is more precious to us and to every Muslim than to be wasted in vain".

The statement was released on forums sympathetic to al-Qaeda and translated by the SITE monitoring service on Friday.

"It [bin Laden's blood] will remain, with permission from Allah the Almighty, a curse that chases the Americans and their agents, and goes after them inside and outside their countries,"al-Qaeda said."

To paraphrase Chevy Chase, "Osama Bin Laden is still dead."

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