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Friday, May 13, 2011

If No One Sees It...

May 13th, 2011
by F. Grey Parker
UPDATE: As if the original media blackout weren't enough, it was brought to my attention that the video has been disabled. A new has been found to illustrate just what the so-called MSM ignores

photo copyright 2011 Politico
In the weeks leading up to the dreaded annual federal tax deadline last month, the news cycle was dominated by coverage of the Tea Party and it's many rallies. This was big news. After all, some of the rallies drew as many as 200 people.

One event, covered with near breathless importance by Bloomberg, managed to achieve a total attendance of, gasp, "dozens."

We were subjected to endless coverage of such dynamic and essential leaders as Rep Michelle Bachman (R-MN) and Indiana's own Rep. Mike Pence. There were 'don't tread on me' signs aplenty. FOX, CNN, MSNBC and just about every other outlet with a camera or a microphone hyped, parsed and dissected handfuls of "anti-government" outliers.

The point is that you heard about these gatherings. Or you read about them. Which is worth more than a passing thought because what you probably haven't heard about is something that happened yesterday.

THE MARCH ON WALL STREET - #ONMAY12 #USUNCUT from Rhodes Pictures on Vimeo.

"More than 20,000 protesters descended upon Wall Street Thursday to demand an end to Mayor Bloomberg’s draconian education cuts and his soft touch approach to billion-dollar companies. The May 12 event began as a series of splinter cell protests in the radius surrounding Wall Street that ultimately converged on the financial district."

That's right 20,000 Americans marched on Wall Street. Seriously, it happened. It received none of the every hour, on the hour analysis we can expect when handfuls of Tea Party folks show up in the middle of nowhere. There were no endless interviews from reporters on the scene. You did not hear of this because it was decided for you that you did not need to.

This is not merely irresponsible, it is dangerous.

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  1. I'm surprised it didn't get any play on MSNBC. But having said that - owning the message and controlling the media are key to their agenda - and yes- it is very, very dangerous.