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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Graphic History Of 20th Century Recessions

Dec 21st, 2010

We are providing this as a resource and will be referencing it in posts over the next several days. You are encouraged to take a look at this post for more damnably irrefutable facts.
Sept. 1902-Aug. 190423
May 1907-June 190813
Jan. 1910-Jan. 191224
Jan. 1913-Dec. 191423
Aug. 1918-March 19197
Jan. 1920-July 192118
May 1923-July 192414
Oct. 1926-Nov. 192713
Aug. 1929-March 193343
May 1937-June 193813
Feb. 1945-Oct. 19458
Nov. 1948-Oct. 194911
July 1953-May 195410
Aug. 1957-April 19588
April 1960-Feb. 196110
Dec. 1969-Nov. 197011
Nov. 1973-March 197516
Jan. 1980-July 19806
July 1981-Nov. 198216
July 1990-March 19918
March 2001-Nov. 20018
source: NBER

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