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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jan Brewer Gets It From The Onion

Dec 18th, 2010

In what is actually a pretty perceptive analysis by The Onion, Jan Brewer gets skewered over SB 1070 ,which we have been recommending every American read for months because it is still an insane giveaway of taxpayer money to the private corrections system:

"Brewer also made it possible for citizens to sue police officers who fail to carry out the troublingly vague terms of the new law, no matter how much it might tie up the state's court system—a bold stance the federal government simply couldn't be bothered with.
And shouldn't be bothered with, because it's a really, really awful idea.
Like the growing tide of up and coming conservative politicians, Brewer understands that real change—the disturbing, almost surreal kind of change that drives a wedge between Americans, increases fear and xenophobia, and makes Arizona, and by extension the nation as a whole, seem impossibly backward—has to start at home."

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