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Thursday, December 30, 2010

If We Really Are What We Eat...

Dec 30th, 2010

...Then we are in some seriously bad shape. From The Johns Hopkins Center For A Livable Future:

"In accordance with a 2008 amendment to the Animal Drug User Fee Act, for the first time the FDA released last week an annual amount of antimicrobial drugs sold and distributed for use in food animals. The grand total for 2009 is 13.1 million kilograms or 28.8 million pounds. I found the stories covering this revelation interesting, but they did not convey the whole picture. It is important to understand how this amount compares to the total available for people. So, I decided to find out for myself and contacted the FDA for an estimate of the volume of antibiotics sold for human use in 2009. This is what a spokesperson told me:
“Our Office of Surveillance and Epidemiology just finished an analysis based on IMS Health data. Sales data in kilograms sold for selected antibacterial drugs were obtained as a surrogate of human antibacterial drug use in the U.S. market. Approximately 3.3 million kilograms of antibacterial drugs were sold in year 2009. OSE states that all data in this analysis have been cleared for public use by IMS Health, IMS National Sales Perspectives™.”

3.3 million kilograms is a little over 7 million pounds. As far as I can determine, this is the first time the FDA has made data on estimates of human usage public. Below is a breakdown of the FDA numbers prepared by my colleague, Dr. David Love, also from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, which compares the estimated amounts of human usage with food animal usage."

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  1. The further I grow from the culture, the more removed I become and the more clearly I can see it, I am certain that we are being poisoned from every angle.

    I am NOT being hyperbolic here. If you can break out of the illusion that is perpetrated onto the American people (other parts of the western world) you will quickly realize - daily - on a growing basic - just how corrupt the system is. Furthermore, you will realize that, although much is based on greed and ignorance, much of the con is strategized and purposefully constructed.

    This sense of repulsion is the greatest when I visit large chain supermarkets. As of late I am certain that the majority of the food is an illusion, as it is not really food at all. It would be better defined as food product. I use that term as it should be used in reference to fast food. But now, I see it as all processed foods - outside of fruits and vegetables bought from an organic store. Sometimes those too are suspect.

    In the book Fast Food Nation they discuss in explicit detail the perfumes and flavors that are completely created and added to our food source.

    It is not just the food that I am addressing here. I mean can anyone really believe the level of pollution that tis put into our water supply? Now don't drop away here. I know we here of this all the time. We see it regularly. But imagine that only 200 years ago you could drink the water form the rivers! REALLY THINK ABOUT THIS. You cannot drink any water from any open source in America without concern. This level of destruction has become so severe and our indoctrination so steadfast that we cannot even appreciate this disturbing point.

    Furthermore, we are emotionally assaulted with the media in every way. The frequency of radio is horrible and then you compound that with the venom that is being spewed forth. The ads are assaultive. Television is the same...or worse. Over the holidays, while at my parents, I have had the experience of watching this shit box and am seriously amazed at the amount of commercials. It appears that they have them as much as the running time of a movie. So for a 90 minute movie you have 90 minutes of commercials? AND no one complains? Where are we?

    Trillions of tax dollars given away or stolen, billions missing from Iraq. And that is not just the cost of the war. I am simply talking about lost money.

    Of course I could continue on this rant, but who wants to hear it?

    I will finish by expressing that they (THEY ARE THE RICH 1%) do not give a flying fuck for the population and are proactively poisoning it on every level.

    Poisoned Food
    Fluoride in the water

    The list goes on. It surrounds us - completely.
    AND most people will do nothing about any of it.
    That's just the way it is.