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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Continuing Decline... GOP Debate Edition

Aug 13th, 2011

More than few readers have asked me why, after live-blogging the GOP debate, I haven't done any substantial follow up? Well, frankly, I don't really know where the hell to begin.

I guess I will start here: The candidates revealed, unanimously, that they would all oppose a tax increase that was matched by cuts at a one to ten ratio. Seriously.

Kevin D. Williamson puts it better than I over at that bastion of leftist lunacy, The National Review:

"Every candidate said he would oppose a cuts-taxes plan that contained a 10:1 ratio of cuts to taxes. Chalk one up to the crazies. If Congress wanted to get rid of tax exemptions and exclusions amounting to $100 billion in new taxes in exchange for $1 trillion in tax cuts, and Republicans turned the deal down, I would personally drive down to Washington and pelt them with rotten vegetables, and possibly with rocks. $100 billion in new taxes plus $1 trillion in cuts balances the budget in 2012."

Yup. The candidates all exposed these facts:

1. They are all certifiably insane.

2. Not one of them owns a calculator.

3. Every one of them (even Paul and Huntsaman) is more afraid of tryin' to explain that fancy-book-learnin' math to their "base" than they would be to publicly accept a deal Ronald Reagan would have had to pinch himself over to ensure he was not dreaming.

It happened. Here's proof:

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