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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Epic Disconnect

Aug 18th, 2011

From the little kerfuffle on CNN that everyone is talking about.

Christine O'Donnell - "Well, don't you think as a host if I say, 'This is what I want to talk about,' that's what we should address?" 

 Piers Morgan - "Uh, not really, no. You're a politician." EMPHASIS OURS

Dominionists fail to understand the role of the Fourth Estate on a core philosophical level. These are the same bunch who simultaneously declare sole-stewardship over "protecting our freedom."


  1. I have, in the past, stated that she has the IQ of a parsnip. I do hope I don't have to revise that downward. The rutabaga is next and that's usually applied only to Sarah Palin.

  2. i can't even remember how to cook rutabaga. parsnips are at least nice mashed in with yukon gold potatoes....