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Monday, August 22, 2011

Trump - America Should Pillage Libya

Aug 22nd, 2011

With the news that Gaddafi's end is near, those responsible journalists over at Fox & Friends sought the sober and deliberative analysis of renowned foreign policy guru... Donald Trump. Add this to the list of things I can't make up. It's a doozy of a performance. Trump wants to know, since we are the real "victors" here and not those smelly, brown rebels, why can't we just take all their oil?

"You know in the old days, when you win a war, you 'kept to the victor, belongs the spoils.'"

This sentiment is closer to pure Fascism than anything I have heard on Fox in weeks. Lately, that's saying something. Just think, only a short time ago, Fox was fawning over the prospect of a Trump Presidency. Can you imagine? Perhaps his slogan could have been, "It Takes A Pillage."

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  1. How stupid to want oil that could, at best, only supply us with 2% of our current usage. How feckless and tawdry to default to 19th Century colonialist morality. This suited jackal is incapable of appreciating democracy as anything worthier than a servant to capitalism.