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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hey, Occupiers, Maybe This Is A Good Thing

Sept. 25th, 2011

Photo via PoliticsUSA
What looked like a large contingent of biological and chemical response specialists, who apparently are part of the Department of Homeland Security, showed up today at the perimeter of the Occupy Wall Street protest.

Bunches of folks are freaking out about it.

They say they were just at the 9/11 Memorial and wanted to see what was happening. Maybe they are tourists. Or, maybe they are there for a reason. If the latter is true, it just may be that reason is a good one.

Ask yourselves a question. After the apparent criminal assault of five women yesterday by police using a chemical agent, don't you want them there? Do you think some thug with a badge who has just lost his cool is actually going to repeat that particular act of violence in front of a dozen or more of these guys? Perhaps, cops like that will think twice about it after they're gone.

Just food for thought.

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