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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Next Phase Of Occupation

Sept 26th, 2011
The live-stream of events from New York can be viewed at AnonOps

Image via David's Camera Craft
Yesterday, I wrote at some length about the inherent problems with the intentionally diffused and leaderless structure of the Occupy Wall Street action.

There was a great deal of response, more positive than not.

As many are now aware, a number of NYPD commanders lost control on Saturday. Many were arrested. Some were injured. Rights were violated. I stand by my assessment that a leadership hierarchy, a group of official spokespersons and a short list of specific demands must be arrived at soon.

Over the course of a great many discussion within the online community over this, I received two interesting links.

The first is from the Coup Media Group. It is at least an attempt to create just such a set of policy points. However, only a few hundred people have apparently participated. It contains of variety of ideas the public and participants could, if they were aware of it, vote for. Such proposals as "Reinstate Glass-Stegall Act" and "Restructure campaign finance Limits" are good common sense contenders. Please spread the link if only to advance this discussion forward.

Another interesting, although overly generalized attempt at drafting a set of guiding principles was posted on the NYC General Assembly Online Hub. Please read it and spread this link as well.

It is time for a committed group of individuals on the scene to start seriously organizing the crowd for the next round. A ballot must be distributed and a vote must be held on a declaration of intent. A group of representatives needs to be democratically elected and must ready themselves to sit down if the city or a major corporation offers to open any discussions.

This is the point of an occupation. Not to take control, but to prevent control by an oppressive mechanism in order to force negotiations.

The world is now watching. The movement needs to prepare for the next phase. If it is unready, it could damage the opportunity for broader debate.

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