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Saturday, September 24, 2011

What Next?

Sept 24th, 2011

Troy Davis is gone. As along as there is a death penalty, there will be more Troy Davises.

What comes next? Greg Bluestein asks that very question over at HuffPo:

"Minutes before he was put to death, Troy Davis asked his supporters to "continue to fight this fight" – but will they, and how?

The Georgia inmate's case outraged hundreds of thousands of people around the world who found the evidence against him weak, and opponents of the death penalty hope their anger provokes a backlash against capital punishment. Some activists say a fitting legacy of the case would be laws that bar death sentences for those, like Davis, whose convictions are based on eyewitness testimony.

With Davis gone, however, the loose coalition of groups who pushed for his freedom may simply crumble. Much may depend not on the death penalty's most strident opponents, but on less politically active people who were drawn into the debate by Davis' two-decade struggle."

The attention of America and the world is quickly moving elsewhere. This is unacceptable. I implore those of good conscience to become more regularly involved in the movement to abolish capital punishment.

Please join me in supporting the ACLUAmnesty International and the NCADP

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