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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

YAY! We Have An AttackWatch Hyperbole Award Winner!

Sept 14th, 2011

Way to go, Washington Times! Your editorial team has really come up with the play that was needed to win the game. In fact, said play made all previous examples of today's craziness simply pale by comparison. And you started straight in with the headline!

Wow. Not only do you evoke Winston Smith at 13 O'Clock, you also got away with calling the first African-American President "Brother."

Pretty Clever.

From the very first line, your piece would be fantastically funny... were it not for the fact that you are so utterly humorless:

"Be careful, if you dare to criticize Citizen Obama, comrade. The Web is watching."

I am just so impressed with this piece, it simply has to get the award for... (drum roll please)

"Most Hyperbolic Freak Out Over!"


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