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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where Are All The Terrorists?

Sept 24th, 2011
by F. Grey Parker

Did you know that the "Ground Zero Mosque" and its army of evil-doers in waiting is, gasp, open to the public?!

Well... it is.

The Park 51 Community Center, which is not a mosque per say, held its first major event this past Wednesday evening.

What kind of horrible, anti-American propaganda was being spewed?

What kind of venomous calls to impose Sharia Law were made?

How many demands for the destruction of Israel were issued?


L.S Carbonnell writes:

"Centering around a exhibit of Danny Goldfield’s photographic essay of the multinational, multi-cultural scope of New York City’s children, the Park 51 Islamic Community Center has opened its doors to give the City a taste of things to come. A small orchestra of Middle Eastern musicians played in the background as people representing the breadth of New York’s ethnic mix mingled and admired the photographs."

Goldfield's work is remarkable. The exhibit and the space are a great contribution to New York and, frankly, the world. This is something to proud of.

The occasion of its opening is also time for those of us who fought in defense of Park 51's very right to exist to loudly and forcefully shame those that opposed it. They are worse than mere bigots, racists and Islamaphobes.

Their battle against this community center was, and is, un-American.

Do you remember when Larry Klayman wrote that its construction was a "dastardly scheme" and that it was "crazy and evil?"

I do. Feel free to contact him on Twitter HERE. Or, you can call him at 310-595-0800

Do you remember when Dick Morris wrote that "It would be — as many mosques throughout the nation are — a terrorist recruitment, indoctrination and training center"?

I do. Feel free to contact him on Twitter HERE. Or, you can e-mail him HERE

Perhaps you might recall RedState rushing to the defense of the ADL after they had publicly smarmed that building the center was "not a question of rights, but a question of what is right."

That was one of the central spin-schemes: Of course they have the right to build there... they just shouldn't exercise it... so we are screaming at them for attempting to do so by conflating them with mass murderers.

Indeed, the "Directors" of RedState went so far as to call it a "'gaming' of American liberties."

You can contact the "Directors" of RedState via e-mail HERE or on twitter HERE

I am sure you remember Pamela Geller, who used the "supremacist" threat of this "victory mosque" to add another few minutes of fame to her fifteen when she wrote "This is Islamic domination and expansionism."

Yeah, just look at all the hate in those photos of children from around the entire world, living together... in New York City.

Perhaps you may also remember when she began her full on war against President Obama. Using Park 51 as a prop, she condemned his plainly spoken affirmation of support for the Constitution as proof of closet treason"If you had any doubt who Obama stood with on 9/11, there can be no doubt in our minds now." 

You have to admit, this was a really important component in her "career."

Interestingly, as Zaid Jalani observes, Pam Geller wasn't on the scene to protest... this time:

"...despite all the heated rhetoric from opponents of Park 51 in the recent past, the cultural and community center opened its doors in lower Manhattan yesterday with an official ribbon cutting ceremony that faced no protests or public controversy."

Apparently, Geller thought better of it. Clearly, an exhibit displaying photos of assimilating American youngsters which are elegantly framed in a community center just doesn't look like the Jihadi-training-center she had previously alleged it would be.

She has a response. Are you ready for it? Geller has actually gone so far as to pen a piece for Andy's propaganda factory, Big Government, that stipulates that Park 51 is not actually open. It's all an elaborate "fantasy."

There aren't any terrorists like she predicted... so it's not really there.

The list of hate-filled profiteers who are still desperately trying to profit on the "Ground Zero Mosque" could go on and on. Of particular note, check out Frank Gaffney, the front-group Christian Action and, of course, their favorite Dominionist, Rep. Allen West. For those who really hate Muslims, there are still  T-Shirts that can help you tell your whole, narrow mouth-breathing world all about it.

The point of what has happened here is this:

The cabal of ideologues who tried to prevent the free assembly and exercise of religion in lower Manhattan are now proven wrong. Make no mistake, however. They have every intention of regrouping, doubling down and making as much more money as is possible before their fear-window closes. And, they still have a burning desire to instate an "America" which might, conceivably, sew red crescents on the coats of children.

But now, we will picture these children...

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