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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Win For The Occupation...

Oct 20th, 2011
by F. Grey Parker

Here at Zuccotti Park, the modestly sized tract of land in lower Manhattan upon which the world has fixated its attention, there are reasons to be concerned about whether morale will hold over the coming Winter. This is just common sense.

It is not, however, based on anything being seen on the ground.

Wednesday night, as temperatures dropped and rains came, went, then tauntingly returned, the supporters were subjected to the exact conditions that many conservative pundits had predicted spelled doom for their movement. Chilling winds lashed the occupation repeatedly. The camp was drenched.

Most occupiers managed to find some cover and a little rest. Observing the camp throught the night, it became clear that no one was defeated. There was no slinking away

The evening would have been intolerable for most people. Tarps, barely covering most of those present were not up to the task. By morning, it was an epic mess of collapsing structures and shivering hungry people.

Then came rumors of a powerful local business organization preparing to bully the group and elevate what had been simmering acrimony to the level of a public relations war. If this is true, the occupation pulled off an astounding coup.

Not only did they organize a thorough cleaning and literal scrubbing of the park, the media frenzied.

Hundreds and hundreds, perhaps thousands of peaceful people had already streamed through the park by noon.

The Occupy Movement fed many of them lunch.

Teamsters were there, both out of solidarity and hoping to catch some of their wind. Hundreds of non union Wal-Mart workers were their to do the same.

There are many serious challenges ahead. On the scene, there are obvious and growing signs of fatigue.

This, however, was a win.

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