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Saturday, October 22, 2011

An Infiltrator At Occupy Wall Street?

Oct 22nd, 2011
by F. Grey Parker

You may have heard about the "young man" who climbed the statue in Zuccotti Park early this morning and issued a series of delusional demands. Many believe this to be the work of an infiltrator. I certainly think so. Read further and judge for yourself.
© copyright 2011 F. Grey Parker

First let's review recent events:

Last week, before I got to New York, the Occupation scored a tremendous victory when Mayor Bloomberg and Brookfield Properties relented, backing down from their threat to clear Zuccotti Park. Then, this week, the occupation recovered from tremendous and devastating rains and cold throughout Wednesday night. The encampment at Zuccotti was fully functioning and welcoming hundreds, perhaps thousands, of visitors by the afternoon.

© copyright 2011 F. Grey Parker
Yesterday evening, dozens of families with children joined the Occupation. They were there to stay the night... embedded below the statue. Songs were sung and games were played.
It was beautiful.

There was to have been a discussion with these families this morning. Of course, the media would have been there.

Can you imagine the potential impact? It might have been the best pushback yet against the distortions of major media.

It would have been the third major victory for the Occupation in a week.

So, what happened? This did...

This is still the beginning. The movement is in its infancy. It will grow. There is every reason to believe the powerful forces that stand in opposition to change will do far worse than this.

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  1. I do remember the "young man" who climbed the statue in Zuccotti Park few months ago and I did not think of him as an infiltrator, but after reading your post, I have changed my mind