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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Anti-Occupation Is Getting Crazy, part 3

Oct 17th, 2011
by F. Grey Parker

Having spent time on the ground with Occupy Chicago, including the massive march this weekend, it is increasingly shocking to see not only the distortions from detractors but, also, how much they are actually cheering on violence against the movement.

For example, popular right wing trouble maker Kurt Schlichter tweeted "club, club club!" late this past Saturday night as the police moved in to disperse the tent city constructed on Michigan avenue.

Some of his fellow travelers go further. They are actually attempting to provoke worse outrages against Americans assembling and speaking freely. Andy Breitbart, in particular, launched a sick smear of the Occupiers as stooges of al-Qaeda last week.

How is this not like shouting fire in a crowded theater?

All it might take is one mouth-breathing wingnut with a perverted sense of "patriotism" to follow this propaganda to its illogical conclusion.

If you think this is an exaggeration of Breitbart's intent, you are simply unaware of how much he has openly embraced notions of violence against the left. Speaking to a gathering of the Red Mass Group greater Boston Tea Party just one month ago, he said, "They can only win a rhetorical or propaganda war. We outnumber them and we have the guns." The group laughed a bit nervously and, just so there was no misunderstanding, Breitbart doubled down on it, "I'm not kidding."

He's right, on one level... If our battles are confined to the arena of ideas?

We can win. This terrifies him.

Therefore, he riles and provokes his followers by publishing dangerous falsehoods with the apparent hope of seeing some of us get killed.

To express anything other than outrage regarding these sorts of provocations is unacceptable.

Let's say, God forbid, one of their fringe dwellers does decide to act out.

This is who could be harmed.

Some of them are children.

Some of them are just looking for answers.

They are ordinary Americans.

The right wing wants you to believe that these are dupes, stooges and agents of totalitarianism. They would have you believe they don't want to work.

I have seen them, up close and personal, and they are our fathers, our sons, our daughters, our mothers, our brothers and our sisters.

Calls for violence against them must stop.

There is only one right side of history here. It's the Occupy Movement.

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