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Friday, October 14, 2011

Totally Blatant Police Brutality

Oct 14th, 2011
CONTACT NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly and tell him we don't condone the public beating of women by police commanders in the United States of America. 

There is only one way to describe this. It is seriously ugly bullshit. Period. This "white shirt" is a bastard. To be fair, it is clear that his fellow officers were nearly as shocked as the crowd.

Let's break it down.
She is standing in the street, presenting no threat whatsoever.

She appears to be looking at the ground or, perhaps, a cellphone.

She seems to be distracted.

She is clearly now returning to the crowd as the NYPD pushes them back.

They are simply trying to clear the street.

In a split second, she has been confronted by one of the increasingly feared and notorious "white shirts."

She is offering no resistance. She is backing away. She is smartly dressed and clinging to her purse. That's it.

In very nearly as little time as it took for this thug to target her, he lashes out.

He winds up...

He swings...

He connects...

She goes down and the "white shirt" lunges in for a second go-around...

Other police intervene...

The "white shirt" still is struggling to get another chance to beat a woman...

As the police hold their renegade thug back, the crowd rescues the victim.

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