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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Boston DA Vs Twitter

Dec 24th, 2011

The Boston District Attorney has apparently subpoenaed twitter for a huge amount of personal information corresponding to citizens that tweeted about that city's Occupy Movement.

To the left is the cover page of their request that twitter violate the privacy of thousands of users.

Privacy SOS reports:
"On December 20, 2011, Twitter revealed to the targets that Assistant District Attorney of Suffolk County (Boston) Benjamin Goldberger had subpoenaed their account information in a document dated December 14, 2011. ADA Goldberger asked for:" 

They targeted not only specific users, but also all personal information related to several hashtags. Twitter did do the right thing. Instead of honoring the ADA's request or their demand that the subpoena be kept secret, they went public and contacted the individual targets directly.

Josh Holland writes:

"It's not Syria or Bahrain, it's Boston."

He also suggests that citizens contact ADA Goldberger and "ask him what his office is up to," with the caveat, "but you really should keep it polite -- he seems pretty litigious."

Mr. Goldberger is attempting cast a net wide enough to expose the IP addresses of anyone who had the audacity to speak about a political issue.

It's not just bullshit. It's seriously frightening bullshit.

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  1. Josh Holland is wrong. Now that Bin Talal owns Twitter, it will be JUST LIKE Syria and Bahrain in America.

    The sooner we channel our fright and outrage over private ownership of networks and start a movement to publicly own such entities, the harder the fight will be when it finally comes. Or twitterers will just fade away like free speech.