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Monday, December 19, 2011

Shark Jumping Over At RedState

Dec 19th, 2011

Ten popular RedState bloggers have not simply issued a joint endorsement of Rick Perry today, they have all but declared him zombie-Reagan. No, seriously. HERE it is.

I would very much like to know how founder Erick Erickson feels about the gush-fest. Earlier this month, he wrote a very sober piece on why he was not planning to make any sweeping endorsement:

"I would prefer instead to tell you exactly what I think about each of the candidates, good or bad, and let the chips fall where they may. There are few honest brokers in this. I get accused all the time of being for one candidate or another. While I have my biases, I use the Horserace post and my other writings to call the race as I see it. Not endorsing anyone helps."

Say what you will about Erickson's politics and, boy, I have said plenty, this post impressed me when he first released it. Here's the kicker:

"Lastly, and in all honesty, this field of candidates deeply depresses me. I have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that we’re on the verge of having God hand us 1980 all over again and this time making John Anderson the Republican nominee.

I can see a day soon on the horizon where I just give up and focus on House and Senate races instead of the top race."

It is as honest a thing as I've read from one of the right's true hyper-partisans.

Now comes the gaggle of goofs who provide him a lot of content. They have signed to their names to document with all-American gems like this

"The one knock on Perry is that his poor debate performances and periodic campaign trail gaffes will open him to the same vulnerabilities in office as President Bush: an inability to respond to criticism or explain his own policies. That’s a fair concern, but it should not be overstated. First, Perry’s reputation in Texas is very different from Bush’s. Bush was all about bipartisan bonhomie; Perry has left the state littered with the political corpses of people who stood in his way."

Total partisanship and an arena "littered with the political corpses" of Americans with whom they disagree. What an ideal. A majority of the post is a series of assurances that Perry will crawl further up the American woman's uterus than any President has before and, wait for it, the Texas jobs lie.

Erickson should be proud of his piece from earlier in the month. As for as publishing this post? He should should be really embarrassed.

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