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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Newt & Perry's Epic Ground Game Failure

Dec 24th, 2011
by F. Grey Parker

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Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry have both failed to secure a spot on the ballot for the important Virginia GOP primary. This is the most inept ground game failure I can remember in a quarter century of watching the American process.

Both candidates are fantastically wealthy, have plenty of time to show up at the so-called "debates" (or on FOX News) and have made every other effort imaginable to stay in the limelight.

But, they didn't get enough signatures to appear on the ballot. How many are required? 10,000. What's the population of Virginia? A little over eight million.

The state wide requirement for ballot inclusion is that each candidate must have a minimum of 400 valid signatures from each of 11 congressional districts. The remainder can all come from a single district. How they could have failed is indicative of only two possible things:

A. They don't really care and this all a big joke to them. They're only real interest is to raise profile and sell books.

B. They really are that stupid and this should automatically disqualify them both from having any executive position whatsoever... ever.

We're talking about Virginia. This is a state that actually has elected a guy like Ken Cuccinelli to an office higher than dogcatcher. One of Virginia's first orders of business following the Tea Party wave in 2010 was a massive assault on women's rights and an attempted rollback of almost all protections against gender, orientation and race bias.

This is their territory. Gingrich would likely have won the state even if his star is falling.

As the GOP establishment has been increasingly disturbed by the ascendancy of Ron Paul in early polling, many have made the obvious observation that he simply has a better ground game.

The current Republican field would be wise to consider that no matter how effective FOX News has been in attempting to bring down the current President, it is not the principle mechanism with which the country will elect the next one.

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