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Friday, December 16, 2011

Note To Repressive Regimes...

Dec 16th, 2011

China's continued efforts to marginalize and divert attention from one of their dissidents was not likely well served by members of their security force attempting to kick Christian Bale's ass.

Melinda Liu writes:

"Rural Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng, who is blind, once asked me whether U.S. films accurately portrayed American life—and specifically whether police brutality was as common as it seemed. He could never have dreamed that, a decade later, Academy Award winner Christian Bale would be roughed up by Chinese security guards as the American actor attempted to visit Chen—and that Bale would be in China on a publicity tour for a movie, The Flowers of War,that the Beijing regime is heavily promoting in hopes it’ll earn China its first Oscar."

Video via CNN

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