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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Optimistic Start

Aug 9th, 2011

The Dow has recovered over a full percentage point 2 minutes into today's trading


  1. This is the result of hedge fund moves and massive trades. Its "nice" to have your own personal hedge fund manager - but what about the rest of us.

    I sometimes watch Jim Crammer and last night he was indicating that some of this was actually "machine driven". I did rebuy apple at $368.00 I had sold it at about $$399.00. I'm not a trader, but I felt it had gone too far too fast and the debt ceiling was looming. Might as well lock in the gains and wait out the correction. If it goes down it will come back - meanwhile I was able to buy back at a lower price and save some cash. So now I own the same 20 shares for about $600 less. Whoopie.

    However, be ready for the pullback. This is a game and it is being played with OUR MONEY. I'm not a big fan of trading or making money because I'm moving it on a chess board. But if that's all that works - Crammers "You've got to get in the game" mentality - as much hype as it is- makes some sense. Trouble is, when the big movers and shakers control the board - all you can do is predict what they will do and TRY to get ahead of it. In other words - taking care of your investments is yet ANOTHER part-time job for people already working 2-3 jobs. And then people say that those who don't track all this aren't "responsible". What is with that?

  2. Massive computer driven short sells from market to market are a big culprit here. That is one of the main reasons I am shining light on this chaos. I don't think last Thursday's or yesterday's terrible plunges would have been remotely possible had this mechanism been under control.

    Of course, I lost everything two years ago... it's a lot easier for me to be removed and analytical now.