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Saturday, August 6, 2011

What We Need

August 4th, 2011

The Economist, that once staid and altogether traditionally conservative bastion of reasonable economic thought, tells it like it is while issuing a common sense call for action... again.

"Extension of the payroll tax cut and emergency unemployment benefits would improve confidence, reduce projected fiscal tightening over the next year, and ease the suffering of the unemployed. The double-dip is at the door. Only quick action can send it packing now."

This isn't about entitlements. It's about the government not actively increasing the crisis of demand.

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  1. yeah, when eisenhower, nixon and the economist are to the left of the democrats.....time to re-evaluate more than the dollar.

    the thing is, they want to drive the bus off the road in the hopes of taking the wheel in 2012. but it will be a pretty banged up bus by then. and blaming the black guy will only fly so far--even with the short memory and attention span of the public. because, get this....they have no plan to improve matters for the public. it will be a two tier society. those have been remarkably stable historically, but not in situations where there USED TO BE A MIDDLE CLASS.