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Monday, August 1, 2011

Who Elected These Guys?

August 1st, 2011

The answer has been clear for months. From The American Audacity:

"We didn't vote in 2010 and we felt good teaching our President and party a lesson. We will pay for this Tea Party revolution for decades to come. We gave the GOP and Tea Party full control of the US House and the majority of the State legislatures and governorships. Now the GOP can force their Voter ID disenfranchisement laws and supply side economics down our throats with a serving of cultural warrior demagoguery as a desert. We have no one to blame but ourselves for our own lack of participation in electing our brand of government in 2010. As for the President, the professional left opposition left him out to dry in 2010 and now they want him to kowtow to them on his knees. Fat Chance of that in the near future."

The same liberal Americans who refused to vote are pushing for the "14th Amendment Solution." Forget the fact that that would lead to months of protracted legal wrangling and a guaranteed impeachment of the President by the House. This may in fact be what this "crisis' has been about all along. Others from this bunch are actively promoting a primary challenge to Obama in 2012. The Kennedy challenge against Carter very nearly ensured the election of Reagan, but who cares.

It's long past time for the American Left to take some more responsibility for the current disaster.

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  1. Whereas I agree that the electorate behaved badly in 2010 - I have to say that as an Obama apologist , I am running out of excuses for him. He was too moderate from the get-go and keeps giving away the farm. Negotiating is tough work and its not for everyone. As a Realtor - I negotiate for a living and although I'm an advocate for either my buyer or seller, I spend most of my time trying to get my own side to see reason. Most sellers want far more for their home than they could ever hope to get and most buyers expect the seller to give away their home. If my side won't be realistic - they won't be able to sell or buy because THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

    Politics like real estate is the art of the possible. Although Obama knows he has to compromise, he seems all too eager to do so and in essence he simply goes too far.

    As a result, he has lost credibility with the left in part because he lacks the influence with his own side that will get all the diverse interests to join together and dig in and stare down the other side. You have to have influence on YOUR SIDE and make them swallow some unpalatable realities. If he had that influence, he would not have had to give away so much.