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Friday, October 7, 2011

Infiltrators and Minarchists

Oct 7th, 2011
by Ben Fenton
originally published at Resisting The Milieu

It has become very clear from the minarchist presence at Occupy Wall Street and discourse around the web that the Ron Paul and Ayn Rand acolytes are attempting to hijack the Occupy Wall Street movement as a tool for their own purposes.

While they largely claim, with big, innocent puppy eyes, that they are anti-corporatists, these people are nothing more than lassaiz-faire, free-for-all market capitalists, who wish to create a new State in which the police and government serve capitalists and business. Which is awfully funny considering we already live in one version of that State. These free-market capitalists want more.

These minarchists, who are attempting to steal from the hard-fought labor and repression of organizers and participants of Occupy Wall Street, want to abolish all regulation of the very corporations that OWS seeks to hold accountable. They want to fool you into thinking that their ideology’s logical conclusion isn’t to abolish the EPA, public education, unions, [don't forget the minimum wage, child labor laws, 40hr workweek, social security and every other safety net for those who are most exploited by capitalism], all financial regulation (regulation that is already so weak that it caused an economic collapse around the world), and allow corporations and capitalists to take their place as unregulated, official rulers of our society.

I propose that we treat these minarchists no differently than the neo-Nazis who prey upon youth using recruiting tactics at high schools, shows, protest events, and colleges. They should be treated no differently than any other infiltrators or attackers of our cause. This as an incursion, an attempt at a coup of the Occupy Wall Street movement in order to further their own free-market goals.

We’re talking about people who openly despise Leftists. They openly despise socialists, communists, liberals, anarchists and anyone else who rejects their individualist, Statist capitalism. Their Free Market Religion is a hoax. They are right-wing; don’t let them fool you otherwise.

Here’s a prime example of the deceptive framing of the Ron Paul acolytes’ intentions which we’re seeing every day at OWS:

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  1. this post reminded me of the famous movie that won as the best movie in the Oscars awards, The Departed when it's all about infiltrators and stuff like this