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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The GOP War On Reproductive Rights, cont...

Feb 9th, 2011

As the article excerpt that follows notes, the Republicans have not been pursuing "jobs, jobs, jobs" with nearly the focus or passion as they have been exhibiting while shrieking "ban abortion! ban abortion!  ban abortion!" 

Brian Beutler reports for TPM:

"The House GOP continues to place its heaviest emphasis on fighting abortion rights, and they've taken a lot of heat for it. Progressives, Democrats, pro-choice groups, and others have spared little criticism, but they've focused most heavily on three distinct lines: the fact that Republicans are ignoring job-creation as a priority; the fact that one of their pieces of legislation would allow hospitals to refuse to perform an abortion on a dying woman; and the fact that, until recently at least, the GOP wanted to limit tax-payer support for abortion to exclude incidences of non-forcible rape.
Here's another one: The GOP's plan to ban tax-payer money from funding abortions includes giant tax hikes for businesses.
More specifically, it would eliminate tax incentives on employer-provided health care benefits if those benefits cover abortion as a medical procedure." 
Pardon my brief indulgence in using Speaker Boehner's language, but this sounds pretty "job-crushing" to me.

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  1. And what the hell happened to the smaller government mantra? Hypocrites.