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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Offensive FOX Comment - Wisconsin Addition

Feb 22nd, 2011

As I always do, I thank the diligent (perhaps masochistic) folks over at Fox News Comments for shining a light on what the Murdoch Moderators seem to think is unworthy of removal. Has the American right descended so far that some of them think our government should "disappear" pro union activists? Yup.


  1. Grey, I called a student leader at the University of Wisconsin and suggested they put up a calendar counting down the days until they can recall Walker. Is that something we could put on our blogs? I am really out of my league here. He can be recalled next January and I think a countdown mechanism would really catch on. Dramatic tension would increase throughout the year and keep this fresh in everyone's consciousness. I'll check back for your thoughts.

  2. Grey, I found this: "I read all of the information about recall requirements including the Frequently Asked Questions at the end of the information about Recall Elections:
    “1. May individuals petition for recall if the office holder has been in office for less than one year for the current term being served?
    (***answer) No petition for recall of an officer may be offered for filing before the expiration of one year after commencement of the term of office for which the officer is elected. A petition may be circulated 60 days before the expiration of one year, but may not be offered for filing until after the officer has completed one year in office.”

    It looks like a petition could commence circulation in the first week of November, 2011 and be certified on January 3, 2012 if it has the requisite number of valid signatures."