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Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Ten HUT! What is the square root of..."

Feb17th, 2011

Perhaps the teachers of Wisconsin should go ahead and just call Gov. Walker's bluff. The governor has said that if they don't just roll over and let him break their union, he will replace them in the classroom... with members of the National Guard. I honor the service of our Guard. I respect them. But I don't want them teaching our children. That is why we have teachers. So that they may teach.

Well, it was bound to happen that Rush was going to chime in on this one:
He says in the following clip that guard members "would be just as good" as teachers. He also makes fun of children being provided a decent meal. Next time you hear Mr. Limbaugh use the word "values," remember this.


  1. Grey, I spent 2378 years teaching middle school in the inner city. Believe me, my erudite friend, the Guard would much rather be deployed to Afghanistan.

    What in heaven's name will Limbaugh tell God? Talking about some bad ass karma. Whoa!

  2. LOL. Your wit is both dark AND illuminating. A very intriguing contradiction.