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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chris Christie, Dr. Strangelove And Tax Cuts

Feb 19th, 2011

An item in today's Wall Street Journal reminded me of the scene in "Dr. Strangelove" when the Soviet ambassador refuses a non-Cuban cigar and says he won't take the products of "imperialist stooges." A general then responds "Oh... only commie stooges, eh?"

From the WSJ:
"New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a slew of tax-cutting proposals that had been championed by Democrats as job-creation legislation and were passed with bipartisan support in the state Legislature.

The Republican governor said he agreed with some of the legislation but didn't want to authorize "piecemeal" programs and promises outside of the annual state budget, which he is scheduled to propose on Tuesday.

"We cannot continue to do this type of irresponsibility in terms of budgeting," Mr. Christie said Friday."

It would seem that the only tax cuts Gov. Christie supports are those from Republican stooges.

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