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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Headline Of The Year Nominee

Feb 9th, 2011

"Women's Fitness Magazines Are Bullshit"

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So headlines a terrific critique in Jezebel of publications that stealth-mimic the more lurid Cosmo-style rags under the guise of providing advice and guidance to improve well being. Taking particular aim at Self, Fitness and Women's Health, Morning Gloria writes:

"Between the three magazines, weight loss as the goal of fitness and calorie counting as a requirement of eating was mentioned and repeated and harped upon on over 100 pages. The second most popular topic featured in women's fitness magazines? Makeup and beauty products, which take up 60 pages of the publications. We also are taken on a delightful journey through clothing, accessories, and jewelry, because nothing says "health" like having a nice healthy watch by Tag Heuer or a cancer-fighting Kate Spade bag. There are some lessons to be learned, though, important lessons that will help all of us feel crappy about ourselves without actually getting any stronger or loving our bodies."

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