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Monday, April 18, 2011

Quote Of The Day - Here and Now Edition

April18th, 2011

"It doesn't address in any serious or courageous way the issue of the near and medium-term deficit. I think the biggest problem is revenues. It is simply unrealistic to say that raising revenue isn't part of the solution. 

It's a measure of how far off the deep end Republicans have gone with this religious catechism about taxes." -- David Stockman, former director of Ronald Reagan's office of Management and Budget critiquing the Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WIPath To Poverty 


  1. This is why I have a healthy does of skepticism toward any politician who's an Ayn Rand devote (like Mr. Ryan).

  2. @ YhuntressE - I have come to the firm conclusion (along with a number of others in the last week) that the Randians are essentially the Scientologists of economic argument. They cite FICTION as an operating platform and insist that the lessons of the past aren't valid.

    It's nuts.