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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scott Walker Dimisses Half Of Wisconsin

April 6th, 2011 5:30pm CST

Well, the Prosser/Kloppenberg showdown turned out to be one of the most exciting statewide elections in recent U.S. history. All the results are in. Turnout for a Springtime off-year election was a staggering 1,479,976 ballots cast. Kloppenberg leads Prosser by a mere 204 votes. There is talk of a recount but no firm declarations of intent to pursue one at this time. It is being referred to as "likely."

So. What does Gov. Scott Walker have to say about all this? Is he proud that so many more Americans turned to vote than was expected in a nation crippled by apathy? Does he make a temperate statement while he awaits the decison of the Prosser camp to either concede or demand a recount? Certainly not.

From WisPolitics:

"Gov. Scott Walker said this afternoon that the spring election results show there are "two very different worlds in this state. You've got a world driven by Madison, and a world driven by everybody else out across the majority of the rest of the state of Wisconsin," Walker said at a press conference in the Capitol."

Really? Walker's first public reaction the the election is to engage in not-so subtle smears of half the participating electorate? Yup.

"In particular, he said the results in the race for his former post as Milwaukee County executive reflected its status as a "dark blue county."

"Dark?" Yes. The governor just referred to the highest minority populated region of his state as "dark."

"Walker added that Justice Prosser's performance in many parts of the state bodes well for GOP senators who may face recall elections later this year. "For those who believe it's a referendum, while it might have a statewide impact that we may lean one way or the other, it's largely driven by Madison, and to a lesser extent Milwaukee," the governor said. "But those Senate recall elections on both the Democrat and Republican side aren't being held in Madison, they aren't being held in Milwaukee."

I submit the results map below for consideration. Gov. Scott Walker has no shame. He can portray this race as having been seemingly won by weirdos, minorities, whatever. But the claim has no more basis in fact than anything else the man says.

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