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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Facebook, Political Speech, And Me...

April 6th, 2011
from F. Grey Parker
UPDATE  9:23pm CST 4/9/2011 Facebook has returned The Hand to unrestricted share status.

UPDATE 12:37am CST 4/7/2011 The primary site is postable again on FB but only through copy/paste. The share button system is still blocking it as offensive. Still no explanation FB. Thank you to everyone who has attempted to contact them and moved the ball towards the goal line.

original post
Well. It's been a heckuva few hours. A funny thing happened. Apparently, a group of organized pro-Scott Walker trolls has targeted me. They have successfully flagged this URL as "abusive." This was brought to my attention by members of a group on FB called "Recall Scott Walker." They let me know that my work was no longer postable.

I was taken aback to say the least. I have made no violations of Facebook's "terms of service." I have not abused anyone in chats. I have not posted my work in conservative forums. Hell, I haven't even had a friendly argument with my favorite archly-conservative personal friend in the last week. But, you know, the Tea Party is all about "freedom." They're trying to protect the country from all of us "freedom hating progressives."

Riiiiiiiight. I encourage all readers who appreciate my work, and even the ones who don't, to please attempt to share THIS LINK from the past weekend on Facebook if they have accounts. And then fill out the form explaining that my site is not "abusive or spammy." This link is one of the little things I post to bring a smile in between the politics. It's Snoopy. Ice skating. I hope that this encourages Facebook to acknowledge the absurdity of their actions. You will receive the image below... unless the situation has been rectified.


  1. I was wondering how things were going. I tried to post Snoopy Skating and couldn't. I was thinking of writing a blog about it and posting it on FB - don't know if this would help or hurt.

  2. It's a pretty amazing set of events. That's what I get for endorsing freedom in Fitzwalkerstan. LOL.