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Thursday, August 4, 2011

FOX Goes After The Poor

August 4th, 2011

Media Matters notes that FOX has significantly ramped up their campaign to tax the poor more while leaving the top quintiles untouched. Seriously. Note the dramatic shift in earnings across all sectors since the "Reagan Revolution." One more time, it is abundantly clear that nothing has trickled down over the last three decades.
"From 1979-2006, the lowest two quintiles saw their incomes increase by 11 and 18 percent. That's the group that Doocy thinks should pay higher income taxes. But the top 1 percent, who the co-hosts think already pay "their fair share," saw their incomes increase by 256 percent.

No wonder economists, liberal and conservative alike, and the American public agree that the deficit can't be erased through spending cuts alone, and that revenues will need to be increased. But none of them seem to be calling for those revenues to come from the poorest Americans. It's easy to see why."

It is easy to see why. Unless one has confused avarice and exploitation with "good business."

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