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Thursday, October 6, 2011

It Would Have Been More Surprising...

Oct 6th, 2011

After this weekend's events on the Brooklyn Bridge (coverage HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE) further clashes between the NYPD and the rapidly swelling Occupy Wall Street movement were to be expected. As the protests continue to coalesce and draw in more allies, it may get uglier still. It would have been more surprising had there not been some violence last night. Everyone should grateful that not only was it not worse, but also that there were professional media right up front. They took the hits too. Watch how actually "fair and balanced" news coverage can be when journalists behave like... well... journalists.

Once more, however, we see that major media attention is generally coming from foreign services. Al Jazeera reports:

"New York City police using pepper spray and batons violently confronted a crowd of demonstrators and journalists who had converged near barricades at the entrance to Wall Street on Wednesday night, as part of ongoing protests in the United States' financial capital over wealth inequality and a host of other grievances."

At least 28 people were arrested, including one who was charged with assault after a police officer was knocked from his scooter, according to police spokesman Paul Browne."

Some of the amateur/citizen journalist coverage is quite powerful.

And, from another angle...

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